OrderStreamIMS™ offers a number of tools to manage inventory levels in the warehouse, on the dock or in shipment. The mobile app can scan inventory items as they leave, enter or move through the warehouse. The web application provides up-to-date inventory levels and locations in addition to tools to exchange data with your office systems. For more information click on any of the bullet items below:

IMS Modules

There are five modules in OrderStreamIMS™ to manage shipping, picking, packing, receiving and inventory cycle counting. The inventory data can be maintained within OrderStreamIMS™ or brought in from an office system. The application can be used for lot-controlled, serialized or date sensitive inventory and can accomodate multiple warehouses. The web application can be used to print picking, packing and putaway lists. Use OrderStreamIMS™ to:
  • Maintain up-to-date inventory counts and location
  • Track inventory levels
  • Receive items into a warehouse or other location
  • Maintain the proper balance of inventory levels
  • Track inventory as it is transported between locations
  • Reduce product obsolescence and spoilage

Mobile Devices